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Workhorse x Sewcialists Beanie - Quick and Dirty Upcycle

The lovely Becky of Workhorse Patterns has whipped up a beanie pattern for the Sewcialists Giving Challenge theme month, to ostensibly bust your scrap stash, and it works as a great giftable, too. I had a chance to make one this week, and while I'm not usually a beanie type of person, definitely recognize the need because winter has come early to Colorado this year!

I don't have a ton of scrap knits right now, but did have a super old RTW sweater that I don't really wear anymore. It's a cotton, and has been washed about a million times, which means the dye has totally faded out and it looks pretty tired. I decided to use this, and to place the pattern so I could use the rib trim as the edge of the hat- no lining needed! Also, I'm not a knitter so this was an excellent cheat for me.

I cut the hat so I could use the reverse of the sweater knit as the outer side of the beanie. The interior of the sweater is way less faded than the outside, and the cable knit looks cool on the other side.

It took about 20 minutes to print/tape/cut/sew the whole thing- which is great, because naptimes are for Spooky Workouts + whatever projects I can squeeze in while the tot sleeps.

(What is a Spooky Workout, you ask? My working theory is that if you work out while you watch a scary show, it will: 1. Help keep your heart rate up due to being frightened, 2. Make sure you keep up on your Netflix queue, and 3. You probably go faster if you think something scary is right behind you.)

And, here she is! A 20 minute upcycled beanie, ready to take out into the next blizzard. I'm ready!

til next time!

xo gabby

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