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Is that velvet?!

Ah, I've finally done it! It did take a Sewcialists mini-challenge to get me here, but whatever works, right?

The whole thing started when I was messing around with Alison this last spring, draping a tee. I was happy with my initial drape, and ended up flat patterning the muslin for kicks. Then it seemed a shame after making a muslin and fitting it not to make one up, right?

The initial idea was to do something with a grown-on cap sleeve, however as I worked through this, it morphed into a tank, which seems more versatile for layering, especially for winter.

I sewed this version in this awesome crushed velvet I picked up in the Garment District in NYC ages ago (at least 9-10 years ago) for a project for Free People. I didn't have very much of it, so I haven't really known what to use it for- and then when the mini-challenge popped up, lightbulbs went off! The whole thing is fully lined in a peachy-cream poly crepe. I did suffer a bit of a set-back when I forgot I was supposed to be burrito-ing to finish my armholes! Next up- write sewing instructions...

I'm pretty into it- I do think I'll make another one that's longer, and I think I may add a bit more swing. I love the armholes, and the neckline is super pretty. I'm going to wear it around a bit and see if there's anything I notice while wearing that I might want to change. Now that I think about it, I may try to make the next one with a slimmer strap- although I really love the back armhole curve, so... who knows!

Overall, I'm really happy with it! The pattern is extremely versatile, and would work well fully-lined like this one, or in a lightweight silk with bias bindings to finish.

Yay! Till next time...

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