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Fabulous Corpse

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

There are no fashion games! Nothing aside from playing dress-up, which, while fun, can't really be played with a group of folks at a party. I want the charades of fashion! Something funny, and enriching, and bonding.

So for our most recent challenge in Whole Garment Lab (hosted by myself & Alison Hughes in the Beatrice Collective), I asked everyone to play a version of the game "Exquisite Corpse." The game can be played either with writing, or with drawing, but essentially you are adding onto a portion of an existing composition without seeing your previous contributor's work, to hilarious results!

Our version, Fabulous Corpse, asks you to partner with someone: a Collective member, someone in your life, an online friend, etc. One of you should choose a garment bottom, and the other a garment top. Then, switch! You will then finish off the outfit by adding the missing part. You can use images online, tears from magazine, or even your own drawings- feel free to be as creative as you like!

This can be played as many times as you desire 🔮 The object is to pair two people's unique styles in unexpected ways ⚡️

(And don't feel limited to only tops/bottoms- this is just a prompt to get you started. This can easily be done with any kind of wearable set: earrings/necklaces, hats/shoes, gloves/bags, etc.)

For anyone who also is feeling the itch for a creative party game, this one's for you! Enjoy ❤️

(Here are some printables, to make the game even easier to play... screenshots from Zara & Eloquii.)

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